Mission Statement

It’s a new day Montana

The Flathead Democratic Party works hard to promote candidates who uphold the Democratic principles of fundamental fairness for all people.

Together The Flathead Democratic Party and the Montana Democratic party are Moving Montana Forward.

The Flathead Democratic Party works closely with the Montana Democratic party toward a common goal of providing jobs with a livable wage, economic growth, a healthy environment, a quality education system and affordable health care for all Montanans.

County Platform

1. Economic Development: Flathead County has the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Flathead Lake, the Flathead River System, Blacktail and Big Mountain Ski areas, Glacier Park and abundant fish and wildlife populations drive the tourist economy and are instrumental in attracting new businesses and residents. We need to protect this natural wonderland to insure our economic well-being. At the same time, we can continue to have a sustainable timber industry. We need to provide incentives for small logging operations, value added products and clean industries.

2. Reining in Energy Prices: Deregulation has had a negative impact on Montana’s economy, creating unnecessary rate increases. We believe the citizens, along with the Public Service Commission, should regulate electricity rates for Montana-not the corporate CEOs. We need to encourage the development and use of alternative energy sources.

3. Supporting Education: Public Education is a cornerstone to our prosperity, We need a strong education system to prepare our children and general population for the opportunities we face in the ever changing economy. The State must resume a greater responsibility to fund education by eliminating the cycle of mill levy taxation on the local property owners.

4. Encouraging growth: Flathead Valley is at the crossroads of major change in its land-use. We need a strong master plan that guides development in a responsible way. We need to create incentives at the local level that will promote growth adjacent to existing infrastructure while preserving open space.

5. Affordable Health Care: Our priority is to see that children and struggling families don’t suffer needlessly because they can’t afford health care. We support the efforts Of the 2005 legislature in pooling small businesses together to provide affordable insurance for Montana families.

6. Law Enforcement: Public safety is our main concern. People who are convicted of violent crimes must be incarcerated. Although drug abuse has a terrible impact on communities, the present system isn’t working. We support alternative sentencing, including mandatory chemical dependency treatment and work programs that recover the cost.

7. Choice: When a woman or a couple decide to have a child, that is a beautiful choice. We believe that it is also a beautiful choice when a child is born to be adopted by a loving couple or family. But when a woman or a couple decide to terminate a pregnancy, that is their personal choice. End of life decisions should also be a matter of personal choice.

8. Gun ownership: Law abiding citizens must always be allowed to own and use firearms, whether for sport, personal protection or simply the pleasure of ownership. We, in Montana, have a long tradition of responsible gun ownership. We believe that the Government’s power to restrict gun ownership has to be scrutinized and our constitutional rights to bear arms must be protected.

9. Protecting our Constitutional Freedoms: Our freedoms are protected by our armed forces abroad and our Constitution at home. We understand that the government needs more resources to find and capture terrorists and criminals, but the government has had the power all along. We must not sacrifice our basic rights and freedoms private dealings. We don’t believe America will be a safer and better place to live if the government is allowed to develop a permanent secret police. We support our city and state declaration opposing provisions of the patriot act.

10. Labor: The Democratic party and union need to work together to improve the working conditions, wages and benefits for Montana workers. We must continue to insure that Montana workers have a right to organize.