Remembering Dean Smith

Dean Smith was an interesting person… the very best college basketball coach, a major figure in fighting segregation and, abashedly, a progressive Democrat. Big time coaches aren’t supposed to oppose nuclear armament, the Vietnam war or capital punishment and not be in the closet about such issues. When I was a kid I had the chance to see the North Carolina Tarheels in the dank confines of the old Madison Square Garden in New York with Charlie Scott, the first African American in the powerful ACC conference. I still remember that lone black player representing the Tarheels.  Coach Smith was also a deeply religious Christian and an educator by training


Senator Tester Plays “Not My Job” on Wait, wait… Don’t Tell Me

On January 31, our flat topped Senator appeared on the hilarious NPR Quiz Show, Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me. He demonstrated a quit wit with some snappy comebacks.